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“Anointed in God’s Power: Kathryn Krick Shares Her Hunger for Revival”

Apostle Kathryn Krick is featured in the most prominent and trusted Christian magazine! Her ministry was recognized through social media by showcasing healings, miracles, and deliverances. See what they had to say about her global impact during this revival season.

“Apostle, Kathyrn Krick imparts hope, inspiration, and finding gratitude in the valleys of life.”

SHEEN Magazine had a chance to sit down with the influential Apostle Kathryn Krick for a thoughtful conversation on how to find hope, peace, and gratitude in the furnace of difficulty during the holiday season.


Shawn Bolz Interview
Hear what motivated Kathryn to start this movement around the world of healing, deliverance, and breakthrough. Kathryn shares how she hears from God and how it initially began as a struggle. People need to see what God is doing and what a breakthrough looks like. God is moving in a new way, and we need to be open to what He is doing.  
Hungry Generation Interview
Can women be pastors and take leadership in ministry? Apostle Kathryn answers many commonly asked questions and gives biblical truth to educate the body of Christ with the revelation God has given her.


Exploring the Prophetic with Kathryn Krick (S:4 - Ep 35)

Kathryn talks about her love for people and desire to see them completely set free. During her services, she sees many set free from demonic holds and healed from sicknesses. Her message is one of hope, seeing the captive set free and staying focused on Jesus. He is the answer! Tune in as Shawn and Kathryn share the moment her spiritual eyes opened and how from that point on, her heart burned for others to encounter the same power she had experienced.

How to receive Spiritual Deliverance and Healing W/ Kathryn Krick (Episode 96)

Isaiah Saldivar and Kathryn Krick will share some helpful tips on how you can receive deliverance! Why do people try and get deliverance, but it seems to fail? Is it the person receiving or the person doing the deliverance? What can you do to prepare yourself for a deliverance? Spiritual warfare and deliverance are essential in today's church; as believers, we must know how to get free and stay free.

Kathryn Krick: The Power of the Holy Spirit (S3:E11)

Kathryn Krick shares how she was powerfully filled with the Holy Spirit and how God called her into ministry. She leads Five Fold Church in Los Angeles which moved to outdoor meetings during Covid. Miracles, signs, and wonders take place constantly. People are saved and set free dramatically in the Name of Jesus, and many receive the Holy Spirit. Listen to this fantastic episode and learn principles for you to move in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.